# Changelog

# August 30, 2021

Release Note

  • Upgraded the BundleB2B checkout to support BigCommerce’s latest open source one-page checkout version

    This is not a silent upgrade from previous checkout release.
    Checkout JS link: https://cdn.bundleb2b.net/prod/checkout3.3.0/auto-loader-1.0.0.js

    If you use this version of checkout, please following the Multi-language checkout v3.3.0 guide.

  • Improved mobile device user interface for storefront features

# June 07, 2021

This is not a silent upgrade from previous release.

Storefront JS link: https://cdn.bundleb2b.net/bundleb2b.3.2.0.js

To use the multi-language features in BundleB2B, please following the Multi-language guide.

Release Note

  • Enabled Multi-language Support for Storefront(TPA, Quick Order Pad, Orders, Account Settings, Shopping Lists, Addresses, Buy Again, User Management, Quotes) and Checkout Page
  • Upgraded the BundleB2B-installed Cornerstone theme from V5.2.0 to V5.4.0
  • Added product option key/value display on Shopping List Detail page for variants added to Shopping Lists
  • Fixed some bugs

# May 18, 2021

This is a silent upgrade from previous release.

Storefront JS link: https://cdn.bundleb2b.net/bundleb2b.3.0.0.js

To use the multi-currency features in BundleB2B, please inject currency_selector in your base.html

  • templates/layout/base.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <!-- other head content -->
    + {{~inject "currency_selector" currency_selector}}

<!-- other html content -->

Release Note

  • Improved the storefront “Request for Quote” user experience
  • Improved the merchant side quote creation user experience
  • Implemented the storefront quote feature related page display to support the store default currency other than USD
  • Implemented the empty shopping cart action when Super Admin switches between companies during masquerading
  • Improved Quick Order Pad to support BigCommerce Product Minimum/Maximum Purchase Quantity settings
  • Optimized the storefront quote detail page URL to prevent random page access via quote id
  • Fixed some bugs